There has been a lot of talk in the last few years about colonizing the moon. Of course this has thrown up a lot of debates - Do we have the right to own parts of the moon? How will we get people there and back? Would it even be worth the effort? As someone who is very interested in stone a questions which springs to my mind when talking about this subject is; what will we build the houses out of?



Potential issues

Space travel takes a lot of energy, the heavier the craft the more energy will be needed to get it out of the atmosphere. Stone is by nature heavy and therefore, I find myself asking: would it really be practical to transport such heavy material to the moon?

Reaching for the sky

But if we couldn’t bring stone to the moon then the obvious answer would be to use moonstone. But would moon rock be any good as a building material? Yes actually, cement and concrete can be made out of moon material and would actually be even stronger then the cement and concrete we use back home, this coupled with the lower gravity would mean we could build taller structure then what we are used to on earth, the sky is no longer the limit.

On the moon
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Adam Ashman