Issued at 12:00 4th June 2020


Lantoom has remained open for business throughout the Coronavirus epidemic. However the risk remains high. Currently 1 in 40 people in the general population tests positive for the virus and to minimise the risk to our staff and others we continue to limit visits to the quarry to those which are essential


Lantoom remains open for business subject to certain conditions:

1. Customers wishing to visit our office or collect materials are requested to:
(a) Confirm that your are healthy, do not have a high temperature or other COVID-19 symptoms.
(b) Confirm that you have not recently travelled overseas or been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms
(c) Consider whether the visit is essential.  Can you order by telephone or email or use our website ?
(d) Contact us by email or telephone before your visit. If we can help you without the need to visit, we will do so.
If a visit is essentail we will make an appointment for you.
Customers who just turn up without making a prior appointment will be turned away.  This enables us to control the visitor numbers to maintain social distancing and prevent delays.
(c) If your visit is unavoidable, obey our Infection Prevention and Control instructions on arrival.
2. Our staff in vulnerable groups remain shielded and working at home.  We are also minimising the risk to other staff by their working at home, where possible.  Consequently we have fewer office staff than normal working at the quarry.
3. Our telephone, e-mail, and website customer support is fully operational.
4. If at all possible, please telephone or contact us by email or through our website to minimise infection risk.
5. We are able to arrange deliveries.
6. Delivery drivers must not get out of their vehicles on arrival at the quarry and telephone our office for instructions from their cab.
7. We remain well stocked with all categories of materials.
8.  To minimise infection risk we are not accepting cash payments until further notice

 Lantoom will continue to operate within Government Guidance and review operations according to the situation.

You may contact us through the following methods:



Telephone:  01579 308234


Thank you for your business.  Please minimise infection risk.  The response to COVID-19 is long term and we appreciate your help in adapting to the disease risk.