Stone Age

With our reliance on render and brick for building structures, the use of stone and therefore quarries has decreased throughout the modern age, but this wasn’t always the case. If we were to journey back to 4000BC we would find a different story. No, we wouldn’t find Fred Flintstone sliding down a dinosaurs neck whilst screeching Yabadabadoo. Instead we would find the early hunter-gatherers. Stone, namely flint, that was quarried in “The stone age” and was mainly used for hunting and creating tools.



The Invaders

This trend followed us through 1600 years until we arrived at the bronze age (2400BC approx.) Tin and copper was now our preferred material for creating tools and weapons. Then came the Romans in around (40AD) they brought with them the knowledge of building houses with stone as well as long strait roads. The Romans left after about 400 years and unfortunately so to did a lot of there know-how and technology. Finally when the Normans invaded in (1066AD) they built castles, cathedrals and churches out of stone.

Modern day

This brings us through to the modern day. Stone was such and important part of our history and still plays a key part in creating lasting buildings to this day. It seems stone has lasted the test of time and still proves the best choice when it comes to building a better world.

Hammered granite
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