Protecting your patio in winter

Though not essential, keeping your patio as protected as possible during the winter months can make the clean up in spring so much more easier. The wet conditions can encourage algae growth; fallen leaves can cause marks on your slabs which can take a fair bit of scrubbing to get off and frost can cause damage to the mortar between the slabs if there is a weakness in the pointing. Here are some things you can do to tackle these common issues.


Raised Beds


Sealing a patio can make future cleaning much easier. The sealant protects the slabs from common leaf and algae stains and when the time comes, in Spring, it will make cleaning off these marks much easier.


Some people may wish to protect there patio with an awning, there are all weather patio paving awnings which are designed to give that little extra protection for your patio during the winter and are also handy during the summer to get away from those unexpected summer showers.


Paving area

Check the pointing

If there is damage to the pointing it can cause a few issues. During the Spring and Summer it can cause weeds to sprout out from the gaps and in the winter it can allow frost in, causing potential damage to more of the mortar or even the slabs themselves. Therefore it might be worth checking over you patio and touching up the mortar if needed. In all good patio maintenance can mean that your patio stays in great conditions for many summers to come.

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