Fact 1:

Spain is the worlds largest producer and exporter of slate. With an astonishing 90% of Europe’s roofing slates originating from Spain.



Fact 2:

Because it is a good electrical insulator and is fireproof, slate was used to construct early 20th century electrical switchboards and relay controls for big electrical motors.

Fact 3:

Slate can be used to make turkey calls a device used by hunters in order to replicate the call of a turkey.


school board

Fact 4:

In the 18th century Slate was widely used in schools as writing boards. Pupils and teacher would use chalk to write on them.

Fact 5:

And finally: at the end of the nineteenth century Penrhyn Quarry was the world's largest slate quarry; the main pit is nearly 1 mile (1.6 km) long and 1,200 feet (370 metres) deep.

Penrhyn slate quarry
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